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James S.

Owner, Brand Ambassador, Author, Farmer.

Owner James Spaulding found his passion for cooking, and growing Herbs and Spices early in life. He began this passion at the age of 5, with his first garden in the Suburbs of Sacramento, California. He became fascinated with cooking shows on his tv such as Martin Yan's Yan Can Cook, Julia Child's The French Chef, and Jacques Pepin among others. After working in many restaurants around town, James had his light bulb moment in 2008, with Jamie Oliver's Jamie at Home tv show while recovering from injury.  A Organic Raised Bed Heirloom Garden was built the very next day in his backyard.


Spaulding's Specialty Spices was founded in 2013, as a way to bring healthier, and mural of different flavor options to kitchens across the world. After years of blending spices and sugars for family and friends, tens of thousands of hours researching and blending, James finally made his creative outlet into something truly special.

Nearly Four Years on, Spaulding's Specialty Spices has found its way into thousands of kitchens all across the United States. He has collaborated with some of the most gifted, and talented Chefs Dallas has to offer.Numerous Bakeries, Confectioners, and Restaurants, as well as Farm to Table groups. A Published Author, Currently working on his second book.  He also has had a few of his dishes, and recipes on Jamie Oliver's Food Tube Page. He is excited to see what the future holds, and to work towards his dream of Cooking with Jamie Oliver to see his journey come full circle.


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