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Bacon Salt

Brace yourself... Bacon is coming...

To all of your Favorite Spauldings Specialty Spices blends $10 a jar for the added bacon goodness Bulk $25

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New Flavors...

Bacon Smoke on the Barbie Bacon Smoked Sea Salt Cheesy Bacon Popcorn Seasoning Touchdown Potato Seasoning w Bacon Bacon infused Bbq pick Everyday Bacon Kitchen Seasoning SugarBacon... literally Bacon Sugar Jack and Bacon Smoked Salt Bacon Ranch 2.5 Seasoning Spicy Heat Bacon Seasoning Sweet and Smokey Bacon Seasoning Jesus Loves Bacon Seasoning Bacon Salt Bacon Everything Seasoning

Chocolate Donut Blend Siracha Seasoning Buffalo Seasoning No Salt Seasoning Everything and the Kitchen Sink Seasoning

Want to add bacon to your favorite blend.. just let us know and we can do it for you!



Always let your Steak rest after Grilling for a few minutes, this allows the juices to return from the center.



Want to dramatically change your favorite dish? Add just a pinch of any of our blends and mix up its flavor profile.



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