Swiss Pastry Shop Collaboration- BIG GAME BRAT BURGER

Swiss Pastry Shop Big Game Brat Burger

Via Swiss Pastry Shop- 3936 W Vickery Blvd Ft Worth TX 76107

The BIG GAME BRAT BURGER starts today. It's a half pound elk and pork burger with sweet & sour braised red cabbage, gruyere cheese, dill pickles and Dusseldorfer mustard on our homemade brioche. Special thanks to James from @spauldingsspecialtyspices for researching the German Bratwurst Museum and coming up with a stellar Nuremberg bratwurst spice blend.

James- So when Hans Peter Muller and Swiss Pastry Shop need a Bratwurst Seasoning for something special... i did research on this years ago pouring over numerous German recipes that were hundreds of years old. That's one of the fun things about what I do, and what sets Spaulding's Specialty Spices apart. This Burger is amazing...Enjoy Guys! e2O1VQWTKrtiUYJz5jVOSxaMONfsNT0K8TuzIZ0HkzWkiRsj9Vjw



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