Last call for orders-Flash Sale ends at noon

Flash Sale

Last calls for orders before we shut down for 2 weeks while traveling... Flash Sale Buy 3 get 1 free till today at noon. We will be closed till Sept 1st starting tomorrow for family time. Just add your 3 items to the cart and message us the fourth when ordering on the website of equal or lesser value. You can order as many buy 3 get 1's as you please any size. Labor Day Weekend is coming for our BBQ Lovers. Between now and the 16th is your only chance to get your SSS BBQ Rubs before we go. When in doubt Cook Out! #SmokeontheBarbie

School is coming so are those flu bugs- Elderberry Syrup Dry kits are in stock in 3 sizes. Personal, Small Family, and Large Family. Just add water and honey. Perfect when you come down with something and dry they last a year in the pantry. Easy to follow directions, and you get to learn how to make this wonderful immune system booster.




Always let your Steak rest after Grilling for a few minutes, this allows the juices to return from the center.



Want to dramatically change your favorite dish? Add just a pinch of any of our blends and mix up its flavor profile.



Love adult drinks for get togethers? Pair your favorites with our Flavored Organic Sugars and be the talk of the party. Great as a simple syrup, or rim a drink.