Spaghetti Magnifico with Fennel Pollen

Spaghetti Magnifico with Fennel Pollen

Spaghetti Magnifico with Fennel Pollen Recipe

1 Pound of Spaghetti

1 lb Italian Sausage

1 Tablespoon Butter

Olive Oil

4 Cloves Garlic- Peeled and sliced thin

1 Orange

Fennel Pollen

Fresh Mint

Fresh Basil

Sea Salt

1 Jar Spaulding's Specialty Spices Porchetta Blend

In a Medium Skillet, Heat Olive Oil, and Butter over Medium-High Heat. Add Italian Sausage and brown. Season with 1 Tablespoon Porchetta Blend. Break into small pieces. Reduce heat to Medium-Low. Add Garlic and saute for 1 minute. Remove from heat.

In a large pot add 3 Tbsp of Sea Salt, and glug of Olive Oil. Add Spaghetti to Boiling Water and cook till Al Dente. Reserve 2 TBSP Water, Drain

Zest and Juice one Orange

Combine in Skillet with Italian Sausage and Garlic. add in the Juice of one Orange and Zest, add Reserve water, and return to heat. Toss under Medium High Heat for 1 Minute. Remove from heat.

Plate, and add a light Dusting of Fennel Pollen. Garnish with fresh Mint and Basil. You can optionally add another dash of the Porchetta Blend, a splash of quality Olive Oil, and Parmesan Cheese.

Fennel Pollen



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