Imported Trapani Sea Salt from the ancient Trapani Saltworks in Sicily. Hand harvested from salt beds along the famous “Salt Road” in Sicily, Trapani Sea Salt is a pure, clean sea salt from the rich waters of the Mediterranean. This artisanal salt offers the crunchy texture, small, irregular grain sizes and moderate moisture of a hand-harvested sea salt—an ideal finishing salt. Trapani also has the mild flavor characteristics of Mediterranean Sea salts, making it exceptionally versatile but with texture that makes it undeniably gourmet. Solar evaporated by the sun & wind, Trapani Sea Salt is an unrefined, additive-free, completely natural salt that is at home in authentic Italian food


It is  outstanding on Pizza, Pastas, mixed into Olive Oils and used in place of any salt. They come in a 4oz Glass Hexagon Jar. It is part of a few of our Seasoning blends Namely our Limited Edition Porchetta Seasoning.

Trapani Sea Salt