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Imported Calabrian Chili Flakes are a trendy small, dark red, medium-spicy chilies from the southern Italian region of Calabria. In the US calabrian chilies are typically sold in brine or as a chile paste, Calabrian chile flakes are rare. They were a pain to source and used in our Porchetta Seasoning for a very special, and nationally rated restaurant. The crushed flakes are then mixed with salt for use as a seasoning as you would other chile flakes in recipes. This is also available in 16oz for $20 Just select a bulk item and message us the flavor. 1.8oz net weight for our standard 4oz jar size


They are also outstanding on Pizza, Pastas, mixed into Olive Oils and used in place of Red Pepper. They come in a 4oz Glass Hexagon Jar.

Imported Calabrian Chili Flakes

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