We are now offering Ftontier Organic Dried Elderberries- Sambucus Nigra in 1lb quantities. respectivelyWonderful for making Elderberry Syrup for use as a preventative, or when you come down with a flu bug and many other awesome items..We also have Elderberry Syrup Diy Kits... just add honey and water that come with our recipe. 16oz small family $15 and 32oz large family $26. Comes with our recipe and corresponding size mason jar, organic elderberries, star anise, cinnamon sticks, cloves, and ginger. These wonderful kits are perfect to have in the pantry for when that Winter Cold and Flu appears. Good for 1 Year+ dry, so no dragging the little ones out to pick some up. The syrup once made keeps for up to 4 months in the Refrigerator.
I was skeptical when first introduced to elderberry syrup years ago, but after seeing the results for me and my little ones, I swear by it. You can also take this daily as a preventative.

Dried Organic Elderberries 1 LB