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This option is to procure our Sugar blends in a Bulk Size 16oz Mason Jar. Please pickout your flavor or flavors listed below, and we will message you when your order is placed to confirm your flavor choice and get it blended. If you would like more than one just add them both to your cart, and we will take care of the rest.



Candy Cane Sugar

Espresso Pumpkin Spice Sugar

Vanilla Nutmeg Sugar
Ginger Cardamom Sugar
Pumpkin Spice Sugar
Maple Sugar
Lovely Rose Sugar
Kassidy and Evee's Holiday Cookie Sugar
Lavender Chamomile Sugar

Calabrian Chile Sugar
Holiday Spice Sugar
Chai Sugar
Chamomile Sugar
Breakfast Sugar
Maple Sugar
Tahitian Vanilla Sugar
Manly Vanilla Sugar (Madagascar)
Lavender Sugar
Lemon Lavender Sugar
Lavender Spearmint Sugar
Cinnamon Sugar

Cayenne Cinnamon Sugar
Ceylon Cinnamon Sugar
Chamomile Sugar
Espresso Sugar
Habanero Sugar
Jalapeno Sugar
Chili Sugar
Lemon Verbena Sugar
Ginger Sugar
Peppermint Sugar
Spearmint Sugar

Bulk Size 16oz Jars Sugar Blends

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