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BBQ Season is here! What are you cooking?

Things are finally starting to warm up here in Texas. Yes, we still have Rain, Tornadoes, and the occasional 75 degrees to 25 degree cold fronts but hey... BBQ Season has arrived, what are you cooking? Better yet, what are you using to Season your meat? Spaulding's of course!

Below is a list of our BBQ Seasoning options. Whether you are cooking Brisket, Chicken, Ribs. or just need an All Purpose Rub go to we have you covered. Two of my absolute staples are Hancock's Signature Rub, and our New Honey BBQ Rub which is great on Ribs, Chicken, and Veggies. We also have a few new debuting Rubs this season- an all purpose Beef Rub aka Here's the Beef Rub, our Honey BBQ, and its hotter Twin- Hot Honey BBQ rub with a kick of Jalapenos and Chipotle Peppers just to name a few.

Need a 4 pack? Click the BBQ Picture

BBQ Rubs and Salts

All Purpose Beef Rub- aka Here's the Beef Rub

Honey BBQ Rub

Hot Honey BBQ Rub

Johnny Creole's Sweet Heat Rub

Hancocks Signature Blend

Hell's Favorite Seasoned Salt (Hot)

Honey Bacon BBQ Rub

Bacon Smoke on the Barbie

The O.G.-S.P.G.---Salt Pepper and Garlic Blend

Ohana Hawaiian Meat Seasoning Rub

Smokey Maple Dry Rub

Pride of Texas BBQ Rub line -Flavors- chicken, brisket, Ribs, Pork or all purpose

Good Ol Steak Seasoning

Spaulding's Seasoned Salt

Kickoff Burger Blend

Cowboy’s Famous Tailgate Blend

Smoke on the Barbie BBQ Blend

Smoke on the Barbie Brown Sugar Rub

Tarragon Pepper Pork Seasoning

Memphis Rib and More Rub

Steakhouse Select Spice Blend

Sweet and Smokey Blend

Arlington Brisket Rub

Good Ol Chicken Rub

Perfect Chicken Rub

Campfire Smoked Sea Salt

Applewood Smoked Sea Salt

Cherry Smoked Sea Salt

Mesquite Smoked Sea Salt

Hickory Smoked Sea Salt

Alderwood Smoked Sea Salt

Bonfire Blaze Smoked Sea Salt

Fiery Smoked Sea Salt

Chicago Steak Seasoning

Montreal Steak Seasoning

M.E.A.T. Seasoning

Go to BBQ Rub

Prime Rib Rub

Porky’s Pigskin Pork Rub

WMD Butcher's Blend

Kickin Chops Rub

Asian Tea Rub

Here's a few Super Simple Rib Recipes for y'all

Click Image Below To order Hancock's Signature Rub

Pepper heavy Like Franklins, with a kick of heat from Chipotle.  We eat this regularly with Brisket, Chicken, and Love it on Ribs and Chops too... We sometimes use Mustard as a binder, and a BBQ Sauce and Honey Glaze to Finish. The beauty is this rubs versatility and huge flavor.
Ingredients: La Baleine Sea Salt, Organic  Tellicherry Pepper, Chili Powder, Onion Powder, Garlic, Cayenne, Chipotle, Yellow Mustard

Hancock's Signature Rib Recipe


1 Rack of Pork Ribs

Jar of Honey

BBQ Sauce of Choice

Mustard of choice

Jar of Hancock's Signature Rub


Apple Juice Spritz

Butter or Butter Spread

Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil

Pepper Jelly


Flip the Ribs over Meat side down. Remove the membrane on the Ribs, trimming excess fat. Let Ribs come to room temperature before Smoking. We recommend Hickory wood for this cook. Rub Ribs with Mustard of choice.- We Prefer Dijon but any mustard will do really. Season liberally with Hancock's Signature Rub and put on the Smoker at 225 Degrees for 2 1/2 Hours.

Brush with your Favorite BBQ Sauce of choice and allow Sauce to set (approx 15 Mins), then Brush with Honey for an additional 15 Minutes cook and Pull right around 3 hours total cook time.

Version 2 The 3-2-1 Method:

Flip the Ribs over Meat side down. Remove the membrane on the Ribs, trimming excess fat. Let Ribs come to room temperature before Smoking. We recommend Hickory wood for this cook. Rub Ribs with Hancock's Signature Rub. Cover and allow the rub to adhere for 15 -30 minutes. Put the Ribs on the Smoker at 225 Degrees for 3 Hours meat side up.

Pro Tip: If Your smoker does not have a built-in water pan, you may want to place a container of water in the cook chamber to keep moisture in the cook chamber so ribs wont dry out. We like to Spritz our Ribs every 45 Minutes to hour.

Using Heavy duty Aluminum foil tear off one long piece of foil slightly longer than 2 times the length of the ribs, 2 pieces works as well. Spread approx 1 cup of Brown Sugar into a rectangle where the ribs will lay on the foil.. Toss in a few pats of softened butter, or Squeeze Butter and a few lines of Honey and place ribs on it meat side down and wrap. Pro Tip: Want to Kick it up a notch? Add Some Pepper Jelly to this. You're family will sing its praises.

Return the wrapped ribs to the smoker for 2 Hours and continue to cook until meat has pulled back and exposed the bone approx 1/4" inch and then pull.

Remove Ribs from Foil and place back on Smoker mopping with your favorite BBQ Sauce or Honey and allow to set up for another 15-30 Minutes. Protip: Remove from Smoker by gloved hand or Paper towel to not mess up bark. Let rest for a few minutes, slice and enjoy!

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