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Update: Both Amazon Elderberry Kits in stock with limited supply but going fast

Spauldings Specialty Spices Elderberry Syrup Kit 32oz Amazon

Update both 16 and 32 oz kits in stock for preorder on Amazon as soon as they can ship them while they last but going fast. I hope this update will help as everybody is selling out and getting overwhelmed.


For the foreseeable future all seasoning orders are on hold. We take customer and employee safety first and foremost. We have the ability to help one another and we are working 24/7 to do our part and shift our focus from rubs and spices to what may make a difference to families in this rapidly changing situation. We are trying to keep as many kits in stock as possible for distribution via Amazon. We have 9 of the big kits up (click pic above for link), our 16oz kits should be restocked hopefully tonight. We will keep you posted as we get notice of more becoming available.

Blurb on Kits: Organic Elderberry Syrup Kits are still available on Amazon. Prices jumped on Elderberries 4 fold overnight and everything is selling out as we ride this crisis out together. We have our 16oz Kits available for Prime Shipping but they are going fast. These kits are both New and improved Recipes as well as an Instant Pot Friendly one -Now also with Certified Organic Ceylon Cinnamon you know the true Cinnamon with a sweeter smell and all the Health Benefits...ya that one. Certified Organic, GMO Free, Gluten Free, Vegan. The 32oz Kit makes between 36 - 40 Ounces of Syrup and the 16oz kit makes between 18-20 ounces of syrup and sells for Shipped Prime. Click the Kit above to order.

Take care of yourselves, each-other, and your loved ones. We will all get through this together. Bless- James

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