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Spice Day- Loose Leaf Tea Refresh

Spauldings specialty spices

Hi all Spice Day is still winding down, and its been so successful we will be extending it for another 24 hours use code spice day to get 30% off your order.

If you didn't know already we offer a ton of Organic Loose Leaf Tea blends we handcraft in house from Tea sourced mainly from China and India from some of the best organic tea leaves on the planet. I have had a passion and love for tea since my early 20s with tons of visits to San Francisco's Chinatown where I fell in love with this legendary drink. I didn't know much at first other than black and green tea. I was a noob and didn't know what an Oolong was, a Mate'. I didn't know about steep times, proper brewing nor nuances in flavor profiles. These trips became a crash course in learning the History, learning the conditions for growing the best high end teas, elevation, rainfall, fertilizers etc.

San Francisco Tea Shop

When I moved to Texas these quality teas and sources were few and far between. I had a new spice company but lack of tea one of my other passions in life. I knew it was impossible to match the quality and grow local. I started to make contacts overseas, use my SF contacts to have the ability to source base teas that I could blend in house. I knew blending and mixing different flavor profiles, how to infuse flavors and little by little we opened up offering teas. Most were available through our Farmers Market booth till I retired in 2017 from the Markets. Tea blending fell from weekly to monthly then semi annually for Holidays and by request. I'm happy to inform you we will be offering our blends, mixing new ones and offering samples for all orders in the Month of July. My Current Favorites are the Island Pomegranate Green Tea- Fruity Floral Tasting notes and super refreshing, and The Peach Lychee Black Tea with Citrus sweet tasting notes with a nice bit of caffeine. Both make excellent hot and Iced Teas.

Currently we have in stock

Flowering Tea

Amazing Mate Tea- Mate

Wuyi Oolong Tea- Oolong

Earl Grey- Black Hibiscus Earl Grey Black Rose Earl Grey- Black Splendid Earl Grey- Lavender/Vanilla Black Tropical Passion Tea- Black Peach Lychee Black Emperors Tea -Green

Hawaiian Pineapple Tea Green

Island Pomegranate Tea - Green

Tropical Hibiscus-- Herbal Caffeinated SleepyTime Tea Caffeine Free Mint Medley Tea Caffeine Free Hibiscus Caffeine Free Sicilian Blood Orange Tea Caffeine Free

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