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Elderberry Syrup Kits-Cold and Flu Season-

Elderberry Syrup Kit

Hey guys, finally back home. The Holidays were great. One thing I noticed traveling, is that pretty much everybody is sick. The Coughs and Sneezes are running rampant everywhere it seems especially here locally. Going to be back in our Commercial Kitchen making a ton of kits up for everyone. They have been selling out everywhere.

Elderberry Syrup Kits.

These wonderful kits are perfect to have in the pantry for when that Cold and Flu appears. Good for 1 Year+ unmade, so no dragging the little ones out to pick some up. The syrup once made keeps for up to 2 months in the Refrigerator.

Just add Water, and your own Honey or Maple Syrup after its made. We teach you how to make it with our very own recipe right on the jar, and also will have refill kits available as well. We have 16oz Small Family, and 32oz Large Family Sizes available which come in Mason Jars for $15, and $22

Organic Elderberries, Cinnamon Sticks, Ginger, Cloves, and Star Anise paired with my preference Raw Honey help boost your immune system, shorten the life and intensity of your flu. Full of Vitamins A, B, and C pairing with Antiviral effects of the ingredients, this is a must have.

I was skeptical when first introduced to elderberry syrup years ago, but after seeing the results for me and my little ones, I swear by it. You can also take this daily as a preventative.

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