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Need a drink?? Say hello to Betty Cocktail

Betty Cocktail

Paloma Sophisticated

Hey guys, just wanted to share the amazingness that is Betty Cocktail. Have you heard of her before? Then you already know she is on the forefront of the Artisan Cocktail scene in Dallas. Whether it be doing an exclusive event for some of the who's who in DFW, or one of her fun craft cocktail tutorials. She can even develop signature libations for you making each drink truly something special. From her recent elegant take on a Paloma (Sophisticated), to her delicious take on Liquid Dessert (Pumpkin Pie) that gets you thinking about all of those wonderful Fall tastes and smells you can't go wrong with Betty Cocktail

Liquid Dessert (Pumpkin Pie( Recipe

Betty Cocktail Pumpkin Pie

2 ounces Pyrat Rum .5 cup fresh cooked pumpkin Shake. Strain into martini glass. Gently place several spoonfuls freshly emulsified (blended) Betty's Balsam & Clove Coconut Cream atop half of cocktail. Sprinkle Spaulding Specialty Spices Pumpkin Pie Spice between pumpkin and cream. Pro Tip: Use post-it notes to help create a clean spice line.

She features a variety of recipes you can emulate at home with straightforward easy to follow directions. You can easily see the passion she puts into every drink in these pictures she shot. Check out what she has come up with for our Pumpkin Spice Sugar, Cherry Smoked Sea Salt and Calabrian Chile


Cherry Smoked Sea Salt
Airfare with Calabrian Chile Sugar

For more recipes for some of the other Cocktails head on over to Click the Pictures for links... Cheers-James

Betty Cocktail

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