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Welcome to the World of Hot Honey

Hot Honey- Italian

Welcome to the world of Hot and Infused Honeys. I apologize, you're life has just been changed forever. There is no going back to the norm. The greatest must have condiment since Chipotle Ranch and Sriracha...

The Hot Italian is our go to- pictured. If you like spicy condiments don't miss out. Made with imported Italian Chilies.

Charcuterie with Hot Italian Honey

Hot Honeys pair with Charcuterie, Fruit, Salads, Ice Cream, Meats, Cheeses, Alcohol, Biscuits, and is a staple in taking Pizza to the next level. Just add a drizzle and enjoy.

Hot Italian Honey

Infused Honeys are great in Tea, Breakfast Items, Baked Goods and pretty much everything else.

Available $12 / Jar Hot Italian, Tx BBQ Honey Habanero Honey Jalapeno Honey

Ceylon Cinnamon Honey

Pumpkin Spice Honey

Rose Honey

Pumpkin Spice, Ceylon Cinnamon, Rose Honey

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