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Teas Back in Stock

Hey Guys are Teas are finally back in stock. Demand has been crazy, and I have been handcrafting them as quickly as I can. We start with some of the highest quality Certified Organic Teas From China, India, and a few bushes from South Africa we import, and blend them with our Farm grown Herbs, Flowers, Spices, Berries, and Citrus to make some out of this world Loose Leaf Teas. In certain parts of the country, quality teas are scarce especially here in Texas. I frequented Chinatown in San Francisco in my 30 years out in California frequently, experiencing some of the best teas you can even buy, and learning from some of the best. It was not Uncommon to see a $200-$400 pound Dragonwell Tea, a 40 year old Aged Pu-erh Cake of limited supply, or numerous $65 an ounce Oolongs.

Organic Teas 4oz Tea Tins or add $2 for Glass Hinge top Jars

Clouds and Mist $10 Dragonwell $12 Dragonwell Dream- $12 Earl Grey $10 Hibiscus Earl Grey $12 Rose Earl Grey $12 Splendid Earl Grey-Lavender/Vanilla $12 Tropical Passion Tea $12 Peach Lychee $10 Meyer Lemon Tea $10

Emperors Tea $12 Blueberry Jasmine Tea $12 Hawaiian Pineapple Tea $10 Island Pomegranate Tea $12 SleepyTime Tea Caffeine Free $11 Mint Medley Tea Caffeine Free $8 Hibiscus Caffeine Free $10 Sicilian Blood Orange Tea Caffeine Free $12

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